Zone H

H Elizabeth JaneSTONEMAN -7720/10/1897-wife of Charles STONEMAN
H William ShaxsonLANGdied at The Coombe-6001/02/1904-born at Appledore, Devon
H MaryLANGBrent Knoll-8020/10/1920-wife of William Shaxson LANG
H2JohnMORGANShirenewton- 26/11/1756-son of Richard and Jane MORGAN
H RichardMORGANShirenewton-8117/1/1775-father of John MORGAN
H ElizabethMORGANShirenewton-4327/3/1788-wife of William MORGAN
H4AbelJENKINSGrandary, Shirenewton-558/6/1750- 
H MaryPRICERunstone-7515/8/1805-wife of John PRICE
H5MaryTHOMASDinham- ../4/1766-wife of William THOMAS
H SarahJONESLanmelin-..830/7/178..-wife of James JONES and daughter of William and Mary THOMAS

Other Zones

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